Neighborhood Stage Productions provides voiceover services for a variety of clients.  From podcast intro/outros to explainer videos, public service announcements, and commercials. Our staff can handle many of your needs.  Contact us for a custom demo.


Commercial Demo Reel #1 2018 (artist: Chris Laning)

A fast-paced look at the variety of projects Chris Laning can voice for you.  Example are demos and not actual clients. In other words, not necessary affiliated with any corporations mentioned. (Got to get the legal stuff in.)

Explainer Demo (artist: Chris Laning)

An example of an “explainer” video voice over. This particular one was actually to make an audio version of a website article available for those who wished or needed to hear it instead of read it.

Fauxmercial Demo Reel (artist: Chris Laning)

A sampling of the satirical commercials Chris made for various podcasts. It shows a wide range of humorous styles. Scripts were written, recorded and produced by Chris. Want one for your organization?  Let us know!


Chris Laning, voiceover artist

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