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At Neighborhood Stage Productions we LOVE kicking out content.  We have produced or are producing several series of videos, podcasts, and blogs on a variety of topics.

Below you can see browse the productions we have either created or are producing for clients. Use the tags to filter by types.

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Daydreaming Entrepreneur

Hosted ByChris Laning

The best business ideas are born out of daydreaming.  The Daydreaming Entrepreneur is intended to be a community of those working to make those daydreams a reality!

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Demo Reel 2018

  A fast-paced look at the variety of projects Chris Laning can voice for you.  Some examples were used in productions and some are demos and not actual clients. In other words, not necessary affiliated with any corporations mentioned. (Got to get the legal stuff in.)

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Positive Grounding

Hosted ByChris Laning

Being positive is the way to go in life! So how do you go about trying to make your life more positive? Your host, Chris Laning,  discusses his journey in trying to be more positive. He offers some tips, tricks and motivation, and seeks your input on what works for you.  Together we can spread positivity all over the world!

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