"Heart of Faith" is a series of videos that churches and organizations can use for their social media posts. Check out some of the ones available below.

Latest Videos

Heart of Faith: "Uncertain Times?"

Heart of Faith: "Celebrate Hope"

Heart of Faith: "Teaching Your Faith"

Heart of Faith: "Sunday Pass"

Heart of Faith: "Believe: Pillar of Fire"

Coming Soon

  •  “On Your Terms”
  • “Not What You Expect”
  • “Garbage In / Garbage Out”

Want customized videos for your church or organization, including event promos and sermon series intros?

"Heart of Faith" Video Usage Guide

The “Heart of Faith” videos were created to be shared on social media.  Here is the best way to share it:

  • On Facebook, view the video on the Heart of Faith Facebook page.  Use the “Share” feature to share it to your page.
  • On Instagram….
  • On Twitter, share out the link to the video on YouTube.


The videos were also created to allow your church or organization to put your branding on the last screen (provided you don’t block our info at the bottom). By doing this, you can share the video directly to your page.

However, if you plan to do that, please reach out to us and let us know. The visuals and music used in the video are licensed. To keep compliant with the license, we need to alert the rights holders to any new entities being made with their content.  

Help us stay compliant by providing us that information.