Flash Briefing Concierge Service

WHAT is a flash briefing?

Flash briefings are short audio presentations that are usually listened to on smart speaker services like Amazon’s Alexa. Often they take the form of news updates, personal musings, quick stories, tips, etc. 

WHy should I bother?

Flash briefings give you the ability to be a part of your listener’s lives nearly everyday.  If podcasts are considered “intimate” because you are in your listener’s ears every week, flash briefings take it to a whole new level!  You are literally part of your listener’s EVERYDAY LIVES.

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we make it easy!

  1. RECORD FIVE QUICK BRIEFINGS A WEEK. Each should be no more than 5 minutes, preferably closer to 2-3 minutes. We can even advise on how best to record them. 
  2. SEND IT TO US. We will provide you with a shared folder in which to drop the recordings.
  3. WE TAKE IT FROM THERE!  Seriously, we’ve got this!

How Much?

ONLY $400 (US) / MONTH
(less than $20/day to be in your listener’s  daily lives)

What does that get you?

  • Editing and publishing of an episode for each weekday (M-F) that month. (20-23 episodes/month)
  • Hosting for your flash briefing.
  • Weekly usage statistics
  • “Pro”motional Support

additional options.

  • Video “audiogram”  file with static graphic and auto-generated transcript. – $100/month extra
  • Posting to up to three of your social media acccounts – $100/month extra
  • Creating and maintaining a podcast (rss) feed for your briefings – $50/month extra.

Ready to get started?

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