Dailicast: (noun) A short, daily broadcast, that brings you into your listeners lives on a daily basis.

Dailicasts are becoming the hottest things.  Short daily broadcasts that bring you into your listeners’  lives on a daily basis.  As such, they are great vehicles to increase your corporate or personal brand recognition,  marketing efforts, and, if desired, potential leads.  

The best part is, dailicasts don’t have to be elaborate productions. In fact, the more personal you make it the better!

Dailicast Concierge Service

Just imagine, for a time investment of only 30-45 minutes a week you could be a part of the lives of your customer’s or potential customers EVERY DAY!   Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Think of some things you want say to your listeners.
  2. Spend 30 – 45 minutes once a week recording five separate 3-5 minute observations.

  3. Send that file to us.

  4. That’s it!

We at Neighborhood Stage Productions will take it from there. We will process, produce and schedule your dailicast. In fact, here is everything we will do:

  • Edit your audio for quality
  • Add the intro, outro, and metadata to your episode
  • Produce the final mp3 file

  • Upload and schedule the file for the Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing environment

  • Host the feed for the Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing environment
  • Upload the mp3 file to your podcast host
  • Create an audiogram from the file (a video with your audio, a static graphic, and synchronized transcript) suitable for posting on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

  • Deliver the mp3 file, audiogram, and transcript (for use as text in your social media posts and/or as a standalone blog post)  to you.

You can have all of this for only 30-45 minutes a week in time, and $999/month!  That is less than $50/day to be in the lives of your customers or potential customers EVERY (week) DAY!!!!! 

Find out if a dailicast is right for you, your business or organization!

"Dailicast Moment"

The “Dailicast Moment” is a dailicast available as a flash briefing on Amazon Alexa and as a podcast everywhere else. On it host Chris Laning discusses the who, what, when, where, why and especially how of doing your own dailicast. He shares insights he has learned in producing dailicasts for clients and for his own endeavors.

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