Motivational Moment #53: Practice Makes Perfect

In this “Motivational Moment” Chris Laning talks about how by simply soldiering on and persisting at activities we think we can’t do we may actually become good at it.



Motivational Moment #39: Consistency (or lack thereof)

In this “Motivational Moment” Chris Laning talks about the need for consistency in the projects that you do.

Motivational Moment #35: Technically Flexible

In this “Motivational Moment” Chris Laning talks about how life can mess with our daily plans and how technology can keep us going.

Motivational Moment #34: Procrastination

In this “Motivational Moment”, Chris Laning talks about procrastination. Procrastination robs us daydreaming entrepreneurs of precious time!

Motivational Moment #28: Organization

In this “Motivational Moment“ Chris Laning talks about the importance of keeping organized to daydreaming entrepreneurs.

Motivational Moment #27: Waking Up

In this “Motivational Moment “, Chris Laning offers a tip to help you get out of bed quicker each morning and get that day started. #motivation #getstuffdone

Motivational Moment #26: Great Pizza?

Back from vacation, Chris Laning has been thinking about his favorite place at the Jersey shore and why the popular pizza place there is so popular. There is a lesson in there for entrepreneurs. #OCNJ #pizza #marketing

Motivational Moment #25: Power Out?

In this “Motivational Moment” Chris Laning talks about looking at situations like no electricity as golden opportunities to do things different.

Motivational Moment #22: Restraints

In this “Motivational Moment” Chris talks about the restraints we face as daydreaming entrepreneurs.

Motivational Moment #21: Getting Away

Chris is ready for vacation! In this “Motivational Moment” he discusses what opportunities avail themselves to daydreaming entrepreneurs when they go on vacation.