Positive Grounding

Being positive is the way to go in life! So how do you go about trying to make your life more positive? That is this series is all about! Your host, Chris Laning,  discusses his journey in trying to be more positive. While he offers some tips, tricks and motivation, he also seeks your input on what works for you.  Join us and together we can spread positivity all over the world!

(Lack of) Sleep and Positivity

In this episode, Chris discusses how sleep, particularly the lack of it, can make being positive very difficult!


Hi, this is Chris Laning from the Positive Grounding blog at PositiveGrounding.net. And I gotta tell you right now I’m not feeling very positive, and I think I know why.

You see I haven’t had much sleep in the last day or two. A lot of work, on and off, a noisy dog. And there’s definitely a correlation between tiredness and positivity.

The reality is when you’re tired it’s hard to be positive. Very short-tempered, a lot of stuff going on. I definitely need to get some sleep.

But I’m bringing this to you now because I want you to understand that a lot of times when you’re not being positive, when you’re having that short temper, you might want to just kind of think about “Are you tired?” Like how do
you feel?

Sometimes a really good night’s sleep is all you’re gonna need to kind of put you back on that track. The reality is we can’t go without sleep as much as we try. There’s so many things we want to get done in one day but it ain’t gonna happen!

We gotta sleep and that’s what I’m looking forward to in a little bit. Except I kind of have a lot of work to do tonight – that’s a whole other story.

But anyway moral of the day: Sleep helps with positivity. Lack of sleep makes it very hard to be positive.

With the Positive Grounding blog at PositiveGrounding.net, I’m Chris Laning.


Chris discusses how preparation can greatly affect positivity.


Hi, this Chris Laning from the Positive Grounding blog at PositiveGrounding.net. Now I want to talk about positive events and the importance of preparation in them sometimes.

See we went out hiking today in a North Carolina State Park and we had a great time checking out waterfalls and doing all that. But we thought it was just a real short hike. We weren’t prepared. We didn’t bring a lot of water with us. Actually, we brought no water with us. Left it in the car because we just thought it was gonna be a quick hike to the
falls and back. Turns out that was not proper preparation.

So on the hike back people started feeling not so good. (They were) really dry, really thirsty and it just kind of took what was a really positive day and made it a bit of a drag, at least for right now.

The good news is I managed to go out and get some water and bring it back. People are coming along better but what I learned from that is you know what? You just got to always think ahead because not being prepared can take a very positive situation and turn it into a bit of a negative one.

At the end of the day I think we’re still gonna look at this as a positive experience. We saw some great waterfalls. We had some good times, great weather, and the most positive thing is that we probably learned a lesson we should have learned a long time ago: be prepared. All my scout training out the door.

I’m Chris Laning with Positive Grounding at PositiveGrounding.net. Talk to you next time.


Chris has some quick thoughts while visiting waterfalls in a North Carolina state park.


Hi. This is Chris Laning from the Positive Grounding blog at PositiveGrounding.net. Now, I’m out here today hiking through a state park in N.C. looking at waterfalls. And trying to think what the best thing that I could say about the waterfalls are.

Well you know sometimes you just got to let them speak for themselves. Beautiful! Just being out in nature and the positive vibes you get from flowing water. All the energy that’s going on it’s kind of priceless.

So get out there, enjoy and just soak up all the nature you can.

This is Chris Laning from the Positive Grounding blog at PositiveGrounding.net.

Surrounding Yourself with Positive People

A few weeks back, after an engaging Meetup group, Chris had some thoughts on the benefits of surrounding yourself with positive people.



Hi, this is Chris Laning from the Positive Grounding blog at PositiveGrounding.net. Yes, I’m sitting at a car it’s nighttime. I know it’s weird. It’s odd, but I just had to share this with you.

I just got back from a meetup group. And I’m flying high! This is a meetup group that just started last month in Greensboro, North Carolina. And it’s really for people who are starting or have started their own online businesses.

That’s not what I’m talking about here now. But what I did find in that group is a bunch of positive people. I mean, these are people that have vision and goals, and they’re positive they are going to get there. I mean in some cases literally.

For instance the founder of the group, the organizer of the group, she actually has several resources around how positive thought can really help you when you’re facing difficult medical conditions and how it can get you through it.

Another woman in the group actually says she’s had experiences where positive thought has cured her. Now I know you might take that with a grain of salt, but you know what? I started thinking and if that’s actually been her experience, that positive thought has cured her, maybe there’s something to that and maybe we’re just being skeptical.

There was another gentleman there tonight who’s written resources about how laughter can play an integral role in healing. And he himself is a medical doctor.

So, those are actual literal examples of positivity that people have bringing to that meeting.

There were several other individuals there all with their own ideas and goal and then we’re sitting there watching all these resources from entrepreneurs who’ve been successful talking about how they did it and the things that they’ve done that have worked for them and how a lot of times it was fear that held them back. I think they were pointing out that some of the biggest fears are fear of failure, fear of public speaking, and in many cases fear of success. And that holds so many people back.

They said that you get these scenarios in your head, those worst-case scenarios of how it’s gonna go wrong, what’s gonna happen, when it’s gonna be a failure and that when you think about that over and over and over again, you start to believe it.

So I started thinking why don’t we flip that script a little bit. And I know this isn’t necessarily an original thought by me, but then again how many original thoughts can I really have? But what if we flip that script? Instead of constantly dwelling on the negative. What’s gonna go wrong? Let’s dream and think about what could possibly go right. No! What’s going to go right!

We may not know how we’re gonna get there, but we know that we can get there. It may be a little different than what we expected but we can still get to where we want to go. Whether that’s starting a business or just getting to a different point in our life. Keeping that positive thought over and over again maybe we’ll actually start to believe it, if we don’t already.

So I would say the biggest takeaway from this meeting group tonight though, is just be around people that are positive! Now that’s not to say get the negative people out of your life because you know what? You could be a positive influence on them. But just make sure that during the course of the week you find somewhere that you can go whether it’s a meetup group, or a faith-based group or church or even just some very positive thinking family members.

We can just be around people who have that positive thought. Because positivity, believe it or not can really rub off. Unfortunately, not as quickly as negativity can. So keep it positive people!

I’m Chris Laning from the Positive Grounding blog at PositiveGrounding.net. Talk to you next time.

Sleep……who needs it?

Sleep…..who needs it?

The answer to the question that this blog post title poses should be pretty obvious. We all need sleep! And not just a little bit of it.

But as we get busier in life, especially when working on new projects or trying to better ourselves, it becomes so easy to sacrifice a few hours of sleep for a few more hours of work.

And why not? Especially if we’re trying to live a more positive life. Those few extra hours that we work on that project may make us more successful. And if we are more successful, aren’t we going to be happier and more positive?

I learned a long time ago that you cannot discount the power of sleep. Many years ago when working on a project I had a huge passion for I was putting in over 40 hours a week. This was on top of the 40+ hours a week I was putting in on my day job. It was also on top of the time involved in being a parent and in participating in numerous other activities.  My drive to be successful in all these led me to reduce my sleep time to a mere 2 to 3 hours a night! Let’s just say it didn’t really work out.

These days, despite having huge dreams and numerous projects I’m working on, I still try to make sure I leave enough time for sleep. Why is it so important? Lack of sleep definitely can have a negative effect on our mood. And at a time when we are trying to focus on being more positive, lack of sleep makes that infinitely harder.  Our tempers are so much shorter. That inability to keep our temper hampers our ability to be positive. It is so easy to flip out and make everything negative when you’re tired.

As I write this, it is actually getting pretty late. I had a successful day. I accomplished everything on my list. But I am very very tired.  My creative mind is telling me to push on, to add more tasks to the list. After all, I have got a lot to accomplish and only a little time to do it in.

But I also remember that I don’t like the being negative. I don’t like having a quick temper. And truth be told, you’re much more creative when your mind is rested and refreshed.

So resist the temptation. Make sure you go to bed on time. Make sure that you make sleep a priority. Just don’t make it too much of a priority! Because, you do have to get something done every once in a while.


Positively Mowing

Finding the positives in mundane chores? It’s possible! Chris tackles that in this latest video.


Hey! This is Chris Laning from PositiveGrounding.net and I was just sitting here thinking.. Yeah well you can see what I’m doing here right? That’s right. I am mowing the lawn. Now why am I coming to you from mowing the lawn?

Well, it’s pretty simple. I got to thinking about this and mowing the lawn is one of the things that drives my positivity down!

It’s like, “Oh, I’ve got mow the lawn. Are you kidding me? I’m probably gonna go out and get gas on my hands. I hate that smell! It never comes out! I’m gonna get sweaty and hot! It’s gonna take hours! You know, there’s other stuff I could be doing. Oh I just hate mowing the lawn!!!”

Well that’s the negative way of thinking of it. Now
I’m gonna try to think of it in a little bit more positive way. I’m gonna focus on
the good things about mowing the lawn.

First and foremost, I’m going to get some exercise, something I haven’t been doing  a lot of lately.

Second of all, I’m outside. It’s a gorgeous day! Look at it. Not too hot not too cold. There’s not a lot of bugs around. I realize it’s not going to always be like this but it’s a start. That’s also a positive thing.

The third thing is I’ve got some time to myself
right? I can listen to podcasts. I can just listen to music. I can think. I
come up with great video ideas like this one. Well, video ideas anyway. You can be the judge of whether it’s great or not. And just giving me time to get stuff done. Now that I think about that positively that’s really kind of cool right?

But the best thing of all is when I get done.  I mean look at this grass. It’s terrible! It’s got weeds. It’s long. It’s high.

But when it’s done it’s gonna look like this. (Shows freshly mowed lawn). Look at that. Gorgeous isn’t it? It lays there. And then when you’re done you can
look out and you get a sense of the accomplishment that you did. You did
something that maybe you didn’t really  want to do but the end result was so
much better.

Well that’s how things are with us sometimes in life. There’s a lot
of things that we don’t want to do.  People we don’t want to talk to.
Situations we don’t want to confront. Things where we just tend to say “Oh, it’s
just not going to work out. It’s not going  work out. It’s going to be terrible!”

But when we put in the work. When we do the things that maybe we don’t want to do and maybe we need to find some positives in all that.
But when we do that work, there’s a good chance that it’s going to turn out looking like that (points to mowed grass). and that it’s gonna be worth it in the end.

So keep that in mind the next time you got something hard to do. Take my advice. Work your way through it. You might just like the results.

I know it’s not easy. I mean the number one person that needs to take my advice this time is me. Okay? But I’m going to try and I’m going to do the best that I can.

This is Chris Laning with PositiveGrounding.net.  If you have any comments or
would like to let me know that you’re listening please do so. You can do so on
YouTube or on our Facebook page or on the blog page. Wherever you’ve been
finding this. Just leave a comment and let me know that you’re listening. And
let me know if this advice worked out for you.

Again, I’m Chris Laning with PositiveGrounding.net. I’ll talk to you later

One Week! Down….NAILED IT…or not.

CalendarSo it has been one week since I made my decision to adopt a more positive attitude in life.  How has it been?  Challenging….but making progress.

I have not been “Super Positive Guy” every minute of every day.  But I have been more aware of when I am not being positive.   My favorite phrase this week it seems is “Well, that wasn’t very positive of me was it?”

I think the big thing I am learning is that getting there will take baby steps. That I am more aware of it alone shows things are moving in the right direction.  Keep that in mind when you are on this journey.  Look for the little things. Hold on to small signs of progress and wear them like a badge of honor!

Oh, and share those little signs with all of us.  Maybe it will help us recognize them in ourselves!

Positive Grounding Introduction Video

This video gives you a brief introduction to Positive Grounding.

Positive Groundings Introduction

This video gives a brief overview of the the purpose of the Positive Grounding blog.

Posted by Positive Grounding on Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Day 0: Journey Begun.

Tee box of the 7th hole of a golf course.

Hole #7 of Wilshire Golf Club in Winston-Salem, NC

So after having worked really long hours for nearly a month and under constant stress to get a project done, I thought I was going to get a day of light work and little demands.  Sadly that was not the case.

I had planned to take the afternoon off and play golf. But then a meeting cropped up on my calendar and then action items from the meeting which needed to get done…..and before I knew it half the afternoon was gone!  And I was furious!

I decided I was done!  I shut down my computer, grabbed my clubs and headed off….but not before slamming the back of my truck into a retaining wall in our driveway damaging my beautiful truck!   Now I was really stressed!  But I still headed out to play.

Once on the course I enjoyed the warm air, sunshine, and oddly enough solitude (no one around me on the course).  It was there I decided I was done with the negativity, worry and stress. I was going to be more positive in life and count my blessings.

It worked.  It was like a weight lifted off of my shoulders.  There was a bounce in my step, a song in my heart, and I was calm, relaxed and happy.  I even pulled out my phone and shot a video I posted to FB to my family and friends declaring my new outlook on life!

By the next morning I decided to blog about it. Created the domain, set it up, and got to work.  PositiveGrounding.net was born!  Let the journey begin!

Day 1: Being Positive is Hard!

Sunrise over the ocean with rock jetty in the foreground.

So in my last post, Day 0: Journey Begun, I talked about how a bad day at work, a run-in with a retaining wall, and a much needed, relaxing round of golf led me to make a “positive” change in my life!  I figured it would be challenging to remain positive and upbeat….but never expected to face that challenge the next day!

Yet, there it was on the first full day of my new positive outlook on life.  Work got really stressful again. That was not surprising, but still a challenge.  Then some family issues I am dealing with kind of came to a head.  Decisions needed to be made that could cause me to be excluded from a major life milestone.  That was particularly tough since I kind of get all hung up on important, once-in-a-lifetime events. It could range from things like weddings and graduations, down to things like “Hands Across America”.  (I just dated myself).

I could feel myself slipping into that old familiar down in the dumps sadness and despair.  But I fought it!  I tried to focus on the positives in my life, and tried to put the despair causing issues into a better perspective.  Maybe ultimately I will be forced to miss that milestone, but it is just a single moment in time (no matter how special). I need to play the long game. Figure out what gets me where I want to be in that relationship in the long run, even if it means a short term kick in the gut.  I am not dancing happy jigs over here, but remain optimistic for the future.

Hopefully focusing on long term results may help you when things challenge your positivity!  But please feel free to share other tips that work for you when you find it tough to stay positive!