Chris discusses how preparation can greatly affect positivity.


Hi, this Chris Laning from the Positive Grounding blog at Now I want to talk about positive events and the importance of preparation in them sometimes.

See we went out hiking today in a North Carolina State Park and we had a great time checking out waterfalls and doing all that. But we thought it was just a real short hike. We weren’t prepared. We didn’t bring a lot of water with us. Actually, we brought no water with us. Left it in the car because we just thought it was gonna be a quick hike to the
falls and back. Turns out that was not proper preparation.

So on the hike back people started feeling not so good. (They were) really dry, really thirsty and it just kind of took what was a really positive day and made it a bit of a drag, at least for right now.

The good news is I managed to go out and get some water and bring it back. People are coming along better but what I learned from that is you know what? You just got to always think ahead because not being prepared can take a very positive situation and turn it into a bit of a negative one.

At the end of the day I think we’re still gonna look at this as a positive experience. We saw some great waterfalls. We had some good times, great weather, and the most positive thing is that we probably learned a lesson we should have learned a long time ago: be prepared. All my scout training out the door.

I’m Chris Laning with Positive Grounding at Talk to you next time.


Chris has some quick thoughts while visiting waterfalls in a North Carolina state park.


Hi. This is Chris Laning from the Positive Grounding blog at Now, I’m out here today hiking through a state park in N.C. looking at waterfalls. And trying to think what the best thing that I could say about the waterfalls are.

Well you know sometimes you just got to let them speak for themselves. Beautiful! Just being out in nature and the positive vibes you get from flowing water. All the energy that’s going on it’s kind of priceless.

So get out there, enjoy and just soak up all the nature you can.

This is Chris Laning from the Positive Grounding blog at

Sleep……who needs it?

Sleep…..who needs it?

The answer to the question that this blog post title poses should be pretty obvious. We all need sleep! And not just a little bit of it.

But as we get busier in life, especially when working on new projects or trying to better ourselves, it becomes so easy to sacrifice a few hours of sleep for a few more hours of work.

And why not? Especially if we’re trying to live a more positive life. Those few extra hours that we work on that project may make us more successful. And if we are more successful, aren’t we going to be happier and more positive?

I learned a long time ago that you cannot discount the power of sleep. Many years ago when working on a project I had a huge passion for I was putting in over 40 hours a week. This was on top of the 40+ hours a week I was putting in on my day job. It was also on top of the time involved in being a parent and in participating in numerous other activities.  My drive to be successful in all these led me to reduce my sleep time to a mere 2 to 3 hours a night! Let’s just say it didn’t really work out.

These days, despite having huge dreams and numerous projects I’m working on, I still try to make sure I leave enough time for sleep. Why is it so important? Lack of sleep definitely can have a negative effect on our mood. And at a time when we are trying to focus on being more positive, lack of sleep makes that infinitely harder.  Our tempers are so much shorter. That inability to keep our temper hampers our ability to be positive. It is so easy to flip out and make everything negative when you’re tired.

As I write this, it is actually getting pretty late. I had a successful day. I accomplished everything on my list. But I am very very tired.  My creative mind is telling me to push on, to add more tasks to the list. After all, I have got a lot to accomplish and only a little time to do it in.

But I also remember that I don’t like the being negative. I don’t like having a quick temper. And truth be told, you’re much more creative when your mind is rested and refreshed.

So resist the temptation. Make sure you go to bed on time. Make sure that you make sleep a priority. Just don’t make it too much of a priority! Because, you do have to get something done every once in a while.