Our Brands

At Neighborhood Stage Productions we’ve created several brands for the products we offer.  Here are links to those brands:

If you are looking to hire a great voice over talent, our founder, Chris Laning, is exactly who you are looking for. Find out more about his services and hear some samples of his work.

Site dedicated to explaining what dailicasts are and how we can help you create your own! You can also hear past episodes of the “Dailicast Moment” dailicast.

We are proud to have partnered with the big guy to help Santa bring the kids daily updates between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Home of the “Voice Over Match” podcast and dailicast. The purpose of “Voice Over Match” is to bridge the gap between up and coming voice over talent and the hard working producers who hire them.

Home of the “Your Daily Psalm” dailicast!  Each day host, Chris Laning, reads one of the Psalms.  You can find all the past episodes here as well.