What Makes You Feel Closer to God?

Everyone experiences God in different ways. In this video, Chris talks about some of those ways and encourages you to find and pursue those.



Hi. This Chris Laning from “The Awkward Path”. Now you have to forgive how I’m dressed today.

I was helping my daughter with her Girl Scout Gold Award. She was putting in plants and trees and stuff in the islands of the parking lot of the church she attends. Just kind of bringing a better aesthetic to it.

Well, I wanted to show you this. This up there. That is the steeple of this particular church.

Now I have been someone who always appreciates the architecture of churches. I find the beauty of it. Whenever I visit a new church I want to look at every nook and cranny to get an idea of the gifts and the talents from God that people put into it to express their personal walks with God.

The thing about it is we all find God on our own terms and that’s okay. For me I love again looking at the architecture of churches. I love hearing some really good music from choirs. For other people it’s nature and appreciating nature. Or hanging out with a bunch of people and just you know in community.

The cool thing is that we have so many different options of ways to worship that we just need to focus on finding the one that works for us. Focus on that first. Build your relationship from there.  And then we can work on reaching out to others in different ways. Again, there is nothing wrong with it and just find what works for you.

I encourage you to just go out there try different things and see if there are times that you feel personally more connected with God. And then pursue those opportunities. Again it could be taking long walks in nature. It could be going and looking at the different architectures. It could be listening to different hymns or contemporary music. Whatever works for you.

Build that relationship.  It will give you a starting block.  And we can keep moving from there.

This is “The Awkward Path” I’m Chris Laning.  See you next time.

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