Day 1: Being Positive is Hard!

Waves crashing on a jetty at dawn.

So in my last post, Day 0: Journey Begun, I talked about how a bad day at work, a run-in with a retaining wall, and a much needed, relaxing round of golf led me to make a “positive” change in my life!  I figured it would be challenging to remain positive and upbeat….but never expected to face that challenge the next day!

Yet, there it was on the first full day of my new positive outlook on life.  Work got really stressful again. That was not surprising, but still a challenge.  Then some family issues I am dealing with kind of came to a head.  Decisions needed to be made that could cause me to be excluded from a major life milestone.  That was particularly tough since I kind of get all hung up on important, once-in-a-lifetime events. It could range from things like weddings and graduations, down to things like “Hands Across America”.  (I just dated myself).

I could feel myself slipping into that old familiar down in the dumps sadness and despair.  But I fought it!  I tried to focus on the positives in my life, and tried to put the despair causing issues into a better perspective.  Maybe ultimately I will be forced to miss that milestone, but it is just a single moment in time (no matter how special). I need to play the long game. Figure out what gets me where I want to be in that relationship in the long run, even if it means a short term kick in the gut.  I am not dancing happy jigs over here, but remain optimistic for the future.

Hopefully focusing on long term results may help you when things challenge your positivity!  But please feel free to share other tips that work for you when you find it tough to stay positive!

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