Cars 3 ducks box office projections, Tom Sawyer is an island once again, three equals two, and a tale no longer as old as time.


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ERIN: Cars 3 ducks box office projections, Tom Sawyer is an island once again, three equals two, and a tale no longer as old as time. Hello and welcome to the the July 6th edition of “Guest Room” on ENN, the Ears News Network. Bringing you Disney News you won’t believe….and probably shouldn’t…I’m Erin Dole.

PARKER: And I’m Parker Byrd.  On June 16th, Cars 3 made its U.S. debut. The Pixar film, the third in the Cars franchise, centers around Lightning McQueen in the twilight years of his racing career. In it, he is faced with adversity that he must try to overcome.

ERIN: Wait! A main character faced with an adversity they must overcome? That’s original.

PARKER: I can relate to it. Anyway as part of his attempts to overcome this adversity, he is partnered up with Cruz Ramirez a young trainer who is eager to use her talents to help Lightning make his return. It is a partnership that ultimately just may be successful. But I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you.

ERIN: More than likely you stopped researching it so you wouldn’t spoil it for yourself.

PARKER: Anything is possible Erin. Now, Cars 3 did take the number 1 spot on its opening weekend, even dethroning Wonder Woman for…

ERIN: Hold it Parker! We have some breaking news!

PARKER: Well, why didn’t you play the REAL ENN Breaking News sounder.

ERIN: Because I have no clue where it is. Seriously, when was the last time we used it on this podcast?

PARKER: I’ll find it..go on.

ERIN: This just in to ENN even though it happened on Friday, June 16th. Way to be on top of things there Carl!!!

Anyway, several outlets are reporting that a rather large piece fell from Monorail Blue as it departed EPCOT in the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Jim Parker who goes by the Twitter handle @iOSTrade posted a picture of himself holding the piece which had fallen into the EPCOT parking as he and his friends were exiting the park. He indicated that the piece was eventually turned over to park security.

The monorail was then stopped as it approached the Ticket and Transportation Center and an evacuation was begun. However, some sources say the monorail was moved into the station to complete the evacuation. Needless to say, the entire line was shut down while this all took place, but was reopened later in the day.

Now Disney fan reactions are mixed, though many are concerned that the monorails may have reached the end of their use-able lives and should be replaced in the very near future. One thing is for sure though, closer attention needs to be paid to the structural integrity of the monorail cars, and you probably shouldn’t stand under the tracks.

PARKER: It does kind give a bigger meaning to the warning “Please stand clear of the doors”.

ERIN: Really Parker?

PARKER: Oh hey…I found the sounder….

SOUNDER: This is Breaking News on ENN. When news breaks count on ENN to clean it up.

ERIN: Well that was worth the effort.

PARKER: It’s all about production values Erin.

ERIN: So you keep saying

PARKER: Now back to Cars 3. The movie did take the number 1 spot on its opening weekend, even dethroning Wonder Woman for that spot. However, its $53.5 million in box office earnings from that opening weekend is lower than the $60.1 million dollar opening for Cars and the $66.1 million opening for Cars 2. Considering some had projected it would clear $80 million its first weekend there is some disappointment in the Pixar camp.

One Disney/Pixar insider says that they are beginning to second guess their decision not to go with an earlier plot twist. It seems that early on in the writing the idea was suggested to include classic Disney characters, namely Donald Duck, and a few of his singing friends in the movie. Donald would have portrayed Mack Duck the cousin of Lightning’s original hauler, along with two new Piston Cup drivers Jose CARioca, and PanAlfa, which is short for PanAlfa Romero McLaren Fiero Toyota Ascari Volkswagen, the III. These would not have been mere cameos either. In fact, the trio’s presence in the film would have been so prominent, that plans called for changing the title of the movie from the rather bland sounding “Cars 3” to the more intriguing title “The Three Carburetors”.

ERIN: Really Parker?

PARKER: Hey, you can’t make this stuff up!

ERIN: No I CAN but apparently YOU can’t.

ERIN: On Friday June 16th, over at the Magic Kingdom in the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California the Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyers Island was reopened.

Now the island had been shut down, as several attractions were, including the Disneyland Railroad, Mark Twain Riverboat, and Sailing Ship Columbia. This was due to the draining of the the Rivers of America and reconfiguring of the railroad track, to make room for the upcoming Star Wars land. With the Rivers of America now refilled, rafts could one again make their way to the island.

Captain Jack Sparrow was on hand to make the inaugural return to the island. Guests were excited to return and see the slightly freshened up island. However, some things were still closed including the treehouse and Fort WIlderness. The fort is expected to remain closed permanently as it is being used for dressing rooms for the cast of the Fantasmic show.

While most fans are happy that the island is reopened and are enjoying the nostalgia, some are little frustrated by the tree carving that said Tom and Becky being replaced with Han and Leia. Back after this.

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(Podcast resumes)

PARKER: Welcome back to “Guest Room” on ENN.
Several Disney news sites noticed a change when Disney released its Walt Disney World Resort park calendar for August. The “Festival of Fantasy Parade” at the Magic Kingdom which generally runs everyday at 3 pm is listed as being at 2 pm starting on August 20th. The change did not come with any formal announcement or explanation which has resorted in, as you would expect, wild speculation.

As we alluded to last episode, some people believe the Paint the Night parade which was replaced, supposedly temporarily, by the Main Street Electrical Parade at the Magic Kingdom in Disneyland in California, would actually be coming to to the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World in Florida which currently has no night time parade. Those folks believe the afternoon parade is being moved forward to allow more time to set up for Paint the Night.

Other rumors have pointed to the fact the change takes place just days before the very first Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween event of 2017 and that perhaps moving the parade earlier will facilitate that.

Still others have suggested that 2 pm is usually cooler than 3 pm, albeit very slightly.

But ENN has learned the true reason for the move. Inside sources tell us that move was being done as a social experiment. When cast members get that inevitable question “What time is the 3 o’clock parade?” they can now answer “2” …..and track how long it takes for the guest to realize something isn’t right.

ERIN: That seems mean!

PARKER: Hey. What can I say? Disney loves their research!

By now everyone, whether they grew up with Disney or not, should know about the old classic story, Beauty and the Beast. Disney Cruise Line has decided to create their own retelling of this classic tale. They have put together different parts of both the animated and live-action film. ENN recently found out that they are taking this to a whole new level.

PARKER: Really?! I mean how much can they change without completely changing the story. They already made it live-action how many more levels are there?

ERIN: Well Parker they decided to tell it through a certain perspective. They are trying to tell the story through Belle’s father’s narration. They have even been working on a specific set design that has not been used in the movies so far. In the recent live-action movie they showed that Belle’s father had a music box. The set designers for this show have decided to use the music box as a key element. They plan to start the show by having Belle’s father open up his music box to tell us the story as the audience goes inside the music box. Rotating doors or walls in the set will remind us of how a music box winds up.

PARKER: Wow they really are adding SOMETHING THERE aren’t they?

ERIN: Well there are a couple more things. Some of the songs are getting redone to match the new style of the show. There are going to be more music box like rhythms in some songs like, “Something There,” “Belle,” and “Beauty and the Beast.”

Now there were a few extra songs in the live-action film and our sources say that they will stay in this production too. We got a quote from the song director, Adam B. East who believes that “The new songs added more feelings into the movie that we decided to keep them for this production to keep that charm alive.” Even though they are remaking some of the songs, the joyful familiar songs like, “Gaston” and “Be Our Guest” will pretty much remain the same.

Visually we have been told that the show’s makers are advancing video projection to make the characters seem that they are actually moving from place to place. The costumes are also taking on a whole new design though we have been told that some elements may remain the same. So even if you are a little hesitant about the new update of this classic tale don’t worry, the same iconic characters, songs, and scenes are going to give you that same classic feeling that we all know and love!

PARKER: So Just a little change?

ERIN: Small, to say the least

PARKER: I’m a little scared

ERIN: I know I’m not prepared for this Beauty and the Beast.

PARKER: On that note….that’s all for this edition of ENN’s “Guest Room”. If you would like to comment on this episode or would like to send along a news story for us to look into drop us an email at

You can listen to this and future episodes by finding us in the iTunes store and on Stitcher, just search on Ears News Network. Details can be found on the “How to Listen” page at There you can find links to our Facebook page and Twitter account as well.

ERIN: We have just launched our YouTube channel where you can see videos of us recording the podcast. Also, I will be posting some vlogs from my upcoming Disney cruise to Alaska. So until next time, for my confused co-host Parker Byrd and me, Erin Dole thanks for listening to the Ears News Network, the mistrusted name in Disney news. Goodbye everybody.