Episode 16: Bags, Brooke, Sparrows and Hook

An amazing, beloved and humble Disney podcast returns, Magic Kingdom guests are now getting bagged even earlier, good and bad food on one Disney Cruise ship, and an a”Depped” Jack Sparrow in the Pirates attraction which some fans get hooked on.

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Erin Dole – Paige Laning

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An amazing, beloved and humble Disney podcast returns, Magic Kingdom guests are now getting bagged even earlier, good and bad food on one Disney Cruise ship, and an a”Depped” Jack Sparrow in the Pirates attraction which some fans get hooked on.

Hello and welcome to the May 1st edition of “Guest Room” on ENN, the Ears News Network, bringing you Disney news you won’t believe…..and probably shouldn’t. I’m your host, Parker Byrd.

ERIN: And I’m Erin Dole…

PARKER: Now before we get started, Erin we should recognize that this is the first episode we have done since January 15th of 2016.

ERIN: That’s correct Parker.

PARKER: And we think we owe to you, our listeners, an explaination of why that is.

ERIN: This should be good….

PARKER: We here at the Ears News Network take our job very seriously. We recognize that in this busy world, you have a limited time to consume Disney information. So we have committed ourselves to deliver high quality truth-breaking news when it happens.

ERIN: Are you going somewhere with this Parker?

PARKER: Yes I am Erin’. I am trying to explain to our listeners that we haven’t put out an episode in over 15 months because well, lets face it. Nothing has really happened in the Disney community since then…

ERIN: Wait! Parker are you kidding?
What about “Finding Dory”?
The opening of Shanghai Disneyland?
The “Frozen Ever After” ride in EPCOT?
Hello! Um “Rogue One”?
Like a Bazillion Marvel Movies.
The “Soarin’” and “Midway Mania” expansions
The closing of Streets of America, Honey I Shrunk the Audience Playground and Lights Motor Action stuntshow at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Removal of Sum of All Thrills and StormStruck at EPCOT.
Not to mention all the stuff coming out about Pandora and the Rivers of Light at Animal Kingdom
All the changes to the Food and Wine and Flower and Garden Festivals.
What do you mean nothing has really happened?!?!

PARKER: Erin…..Erin…..!

ERIN: Yes Parker?!?

PARKER: Welcome back…..(aside) rookie.
Last month new security changes were put into place at the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Previously, guests went through metal detectors and bag checks directly in front of the entrance to the Magic Kingdom. Those have now been relocated. Guests who drive to the Magic Kingdom will be screened at the the Ticket and Transportation Center prior to boarding the ferry or Monorail. Guest staying at resorts on the Monorail Resort Loop will be screened at their respective monorail stations before boarding. Guest arriving on resort boats will be screened as they exit the docks. A new screening area has been added between the resort bus unloading area and the front of the park for guests arriving that way, and even one added to the top of Cinderella’s castle for arriving pixies. What do you “Tink” of that one Erin?

ERIN: Really Parker? Anyway, why do you think they made the changes.

PARKER: Well Erin, first and foremost it keeps the entrance of the park from getting so overcrowded.

ERIN: Makes sense.

PARKER: Second, let’s face it. Bag check can be stressful and it’s really annoying to be putting everything back in your bag and zipping up all the pockets while you are entering “The Most Magical Place on Earth”.

ERIN: I can definitely see that.

PARKER: And third, and most importantly, it frees up the area in front of the entrance to put in something really cool.

ERIN: Really? What?

PARKER: Personally I am hoping it’s the location of yet another Florida Wawa. Because nothing says Main Street like some good coffee and a Philly soft pretzel!

ERIN: Or maybe they could put in another Starbucks! Then the one on other end of Main Street could be used for a second cup.

PARKER: Really Erin? You do remember what happened on Episode 2?

ERIN: Good point.

Disney Cruise Line currently consists of four amazing ships, the Disney Wonder and Disney Magic which are sister ships, and the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream which are also sister ships.

Disney recently announced two new sister ships were going to be built. We hear that both are going to be big…and I mean big!! Recently ENN got special access to one of the designers of these amazing ships. This designer told us that there is going to be a special surprise for all of the Once Upon A Time fans out there.

PARKER: I love Once Upon A Time! I am so excited! It’s like my “Maine” show!

ERIN: Parker please! Just stop!

Anyway, the designer told us that they are going to feature Granny’s Diner from Once Upon A Time as one of the three restaurants that you rotate through for dinner on the ship. They are calling this restaurant Granny’s Once Upon A Line Diner. That sounds like something you would come up with Parker.

PARKER: Why do you say that?

ERIN: Because it is a bad joke about the diner being on the cruise line. Anyway some of the light entrees will include:

  • Emma’s Savior-y Chicken
  • Charming Shepherd’s Pie
  • Regina’s Split-Me Soup
  • and Wicked Western Spicy Green Pepper Salad

Darker entrees include:

  • Rumpel Roast
  • Queen’s Artichoke Hearts
  • and Hades’ Flaming Bar-b-que

Best of all, you will be able to finish your meals with either a slice of Snow White Chocolate Cake or a scoop of Really Icy Rocky Road.

This restaurant was originally supposed to be included in the Disney Wonder’s renovation but due to numerous difficulties in the design of the restaurant they opted to go with Tiana’s Place instead.

PARKER: So you could say that for the Disney Wonder the Once Upon a Line restaurant was cursed from the start.

ERIN: True. But clearly Emma stepped in.

PARKER: We would like to welcome a new sponsor to Ears News Network….Main Street Travel. (ad copy)

Back after this.


It may be a classic but it’s the attraction that set the standard for all others. With its near constant high-speed turns, variable elevation changes, 15 feet in two seconds flat,. And the best part is it’s a duel, side-by-side!

But no matter which one you get, it’s 100% pure thrill.! You could  lose your hat, you could lose your nerve, you could even lose your lunch! But whatever you do don’t lose your magic feather!

Dumbo the Flying Elephant! Now flying in a park near you. Dueling option only available at the Walt Disney World resort.

(Podcast resumes)
Welcome back to ENN, the Ears News Network.

E! News has reported that on Wednesday evening, April 26, riders of Pirates of the Caribbean ride in the Magic Kingdom in the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California were the first to see a newly upgraded Captain Jack Sparrow being tested out. They noticed it where Sparrow makes his appearance while the mayor is being dunked.

PARKER: (In bad spanish accent) Don’t tell him Carlos! Don’t be cheekin!

ERIN: Seriously Parker! We don’t need your “poultry” comments.

PARKER: Sorry.

ERIN: Anyway,This version was so natural and lifelike that many people swore it was Johnny Depp…because it was. The popular and versatile actor had taken the place of his animatronic counterpart and was even mimicking the motions and lines that normally appear there. Fans were going crazy!

While many suspect the stunt was to help generate buzz for the upcoming release of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” it turns out it was actually part of an exchange program. While Depp was
standing on golden sands and watching the ships that go sailin’. Somewhere beyond the sea the animatronic, nicknamed Johnny….. 5, was preparing to replace Depp in the filming of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2.

PARKER: Wow! Sounds like Depp may have “stiff” competition there.

And finally, in related news, LJ Silver, a cast member at that same “Pirates” attraction at the Magic Kingdom in the Disneyland Resort, told us about an interesting encounter he recently had with a guest. One particular day he noticed a young girl who came through the queue numerous times. Now a lot of people like to reride this attraction, but LJ noticed that each time she seemed to be more and more frustrated. Finally LJ’s curiosity got the better of him. As she approached he said to the girl “Aye there Lass, why you been looking so salty?”

The girl gave him a stern look and said “I have ridden this ride many times and I still can’t find the Captain”.

LJ smiled and said “Aye, he is a tricky one to find. But if you keeps your eyes sharp when they are dunking the mayor in the well, you just might spy that sly Capt. Jack Sparrow”

“Not him!” snapped the girl, “Capt. Sparrow is really bad at hiding. I’m trying to find Hook.”

LJ was confused at first, but finally replied “Oh Lassie, you won’t be finding Capt’s Hook in these seas, he only hangs out with Peter Pan in Fantasyland.”

“Not true!” yelled the girl, “Hook has to be here!”

“And why is that lassie?” asked LJ

“Duh!”, she explained, “Because this is Pirate of the Carabiner right?”

ERIN: Parker, I’m beginning to think we should have stayed on hiatus.

PARKER: And that’s all for this edition of ENN’s “Guest Room”. If you would like to comment on this episode or would like to send along a news story for us to look into drop us an email at guestroom@earsnews.net.

You can listen to this and future episodes by finding us in the iTunes store and on Stitcher, just search on Ears News Network. Details can be found on the “How to Listen” page at EarsNews.net. There you can find links to our Facebook page and Twitter account as well.

So until next time, for my co-host Erin Dole and me, Parker Byrd, thanks for listening to the Ears News Network, the mistrusted name in Disney news. Goodbye everybody.

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