Haunted Mansion Cast Member Confronts Immortality

Haunted Mansion ©Disney

Haunted Mansion ©Disney

Barney Steger, a Disneyland haunted mansion Butler, recently had a humorous encounter with a guest.  While ushering guests into the stretching room he instructed them all to “drag their wretched bodies to the dead center of the room”. While most of the guest complied, Barney noticed a teenage girl defiantly standing by one of the hidden doors to the room.  Barney positioned himself next to her, stared her fiercely in the eyes and In his menacing tone repeated the command. “Drag your wretched  body to the dead center of the room!”

The girl didn’t even flinch, held Barney’s gaze, and confidently replied back “Sorry, but no. I am not one of your foolish mortals! I am immortal and plan to live forever.”

Unfazed by her response, Barney simply asked her “And what if you find out you’re not immortal?”

The girl, clearly stunned by the thought and quickly flushing in extreme embarrassment stammered out “oh! I would just die!”

This article originally appeared on Episode 13 of the Disney news satire podcast, “Guest Room” on the Ears News Network.

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