Boom or Bust? Disney Parks’ New Slogan, “Unforgettable Happens Here”

Unforgettable Happens Here

Disney has a new slogan for promoting their parks and resorts. The “Show your Disney Side” slogan has been replaced by the simple, and elegant, “Unforgettable Happens Here”.

The main thrust of the campaign is that families create their own “unforgettable story” when they visit any of the parks at either the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, or the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

On a recent episode of the “Guest Room on the Ears News Network” podcast, ENN Parks Reporter Erin Dole, shared her thoughts on the change.  Here is a transcript of her discussion.


PARKER: Hi Erin.

ERIN: Hey Parker.

PARKER: So this new slogan was announced a few weeks ago…

ERIN: Right.

PARKER: …but I haven’t seen too much buzz on it.

ERIN: No, there hasn’t been any buzz.

PARKER: Is it a bust right out of the gate? Or just slow to catch on?

ERIN: Well Parker, I did a little thinking…and a little asking around. I think this slogan is a bust because…quite frankly… it’s just too complicated.

PARKER: Complicated? Erin, what’s complicated about “Unforgettable Happens Here”?

ERIN: Just hear me out Parker. You are right to a point.

The first word, “unforgettable” is pretty straightforward. Disney tales are often thought as “unforgettable”, and Disney is suggesting to families that they too can build a magical tale through their experiences in the parks.

PARKER: Exactly…brilliant marketing!

ERIN: Perhaps, but then it goes completely off the rails with the next part.

PARKER: What part “Happens here”?

ERIN: Exactly!

PARKER: I don’t follow you…

ERIN: It’s simple…where exactly is here?

PARKER: The…..parks?

ERIN: I know that. But which park?

You see, let’s say for instance unforgettable happened in the Disneyland Park. At that moment, Disneyland is here. But if something else unforgettable happened at California Adventure where would it occur?

It can’t be here because here is Disneyland, so it would have to be there? But obviously “Unforgettable Happens There” lacks a certain punch.

PARKER: True….but…

ERIN: And then there are the four Florida parks as well. Anyone one of them could end up being here, which would make the rest of them and the two Disneyland Parks there.

PARKER: I suppose…..

ERIN: So if what could possibly be here ends up being there, then which there is where…. and why isn’t it here? You see what I am saying here?

PARKER: Not in the slightest.

ERIN: Come on it’s elementary my dear Parker. There can only be one here but infinite theres.

PARKER: Well you got me here…uh…there.

ERIN: So if the here is here, say at EPCOT, and not at Disneyland, then our here is the here, and not theirs.

Conversely, their there cannot possibly be here although there are lots of theres that could be here.

But until that first here we won’t know where…there is. It could be here. It could be there. It could be anywhere! Just as long as it’s not all here.

PARKER: Erin…sometimes I don’t think you are all here.

ERIN: Parker…don’t even go there!

PARKER: Erin Dole everybody. ENN Parks reporter…uh…here and there…

This article originally appeared on Episode 11 of the Disney news satire podcast, “Guest Room” on the Ears News Network.

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