Guest Room” Episode 6: EPCOT Colorful, Tomorrowland Inside Out, ECV Speed, and Tiki Room Hitch

In this episode of “Guest Room” on ENN, the Ears News Network, we talk about Tomorrowland getting ready to be turned “Inside Out”;  and a new sponsored exhibit in Innoventions at EPCOT and how it just might affect Spaceship Earth. We also report on changes to the ECVs at Walt Disney World, and about a marriage that took place clandestinely in the Enchanted Tiki Room.



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PARKER: EPCOT is getting colorful while Tomorrowland is about to be turned “Inside Out”. ECV’s pick up speed and the Tiki Room comes off WITH a hitch.
Hello and welcome to the August 1st edition of “Guest Room” on ENN, the Ears News Network, bringing you Disney news you won’t believe…..and probably shouldn’t. I’m your host, Parker Byrd.
What’s old is new again…even if it never exactly was…or so it will be thanks to some big upcoming changes to Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom in the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando.  Before Stitch’s Great Escape was Stitch’s Great Escape, it was ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter, an attraction based off of the movie Alien. Before that it was an attraction called “Mission to Mars” that took guests on a simulated, if not rather quick, trip to Mars. That was an updated version of “Flight to the Moon” which took guests on a trip around the moon.  The Disneyland version of this had even one more previous version called “Rocket to the Moon”.
Now if you are wondering where this history lesson is going….its going back to the moon.  Stitch’s Great Escape will soon be closing to make room for “Rocket Wagon to the Moon” an attraction inspired by the recent Disney/Pixar hit, “Inside Out”.
In the new attraction, guest will be seated in the same circular theater currently there for Stitch, but of course, rethemed to match the movie.  An animatronic Bing Bong, the imaginary friend from the movie will tell guests about the great times he and Riley had when she was younger. He will also teach guests several cute songs.  Then something will occur that lands Bing Bong and the guests in the Memory Dump.  There, they will have to work together to sing and power the rocket sled out of the memory dump and all the way to the moon!

The title of the attraction “Rocket Sled to the Moon” is a nod to the original “Rocket to the Moon” but it also replaces the proposed name for the attraction “The Bing Bong Sing a Long.

Disney recently announced that there is a new sponsored exhibit coming to Innoventions in the Future World section of EPCOT in the Walt Disney World Resort.  Our Parks report Erin Dole has more. Erin…

Thanks Parker!  Disney recently announced a new exhibit coming to Innoventions in EPCOT called “Colortopia”. The exhibit is sponsored by the Glidden paint brand, which is owned by PPG Architectural Coatings.  Glidden currently makes a line of official Disney paints which is sold exclusively at Wal-Mart.
This new exhibit will reportedly be interactive and hands-on though no specifics have yet been given. However, one cast member has reported seeing some advance Colortopia merchandise including a multi-colored dragon mascot named “pigment.” Colortopia is scheduled to open this Fall.
PARKER: Thanks Erin.
ERIN: Oh, I’m not done Parker…..Colortopia may just be a drip in the pan, as we are hearing that Glidden has plans stirring to shake things up.  Apparently they are negotiating with Disney to cover the sponsorship of the Spaceship Earth attraction and  brush aside current sponsor, Siemen’s when their contract dries up in 2017. Part of their proposal is to spruce up the laser projectors to splash crystal clear and vibrant color palettes on the exterior of Spaceship Earth. But plans are also rolling to give the attraction interior itself a major freshening. They plan to pour on the creativity to touch up existing scenes and spill out new exhibits which will give guests a solid primer on the discovery, history, innovations and future of ….paint. The new spread will be renamed to  “Paint Chip Earth”.
PARKER: Paint Chip Earth?  You can’t be serious Erin.
ERIN: Well Parker it is still all “rumor” right now, and we will have better coverage in the future. But with such good stuff in the can don’t expect them to keep a lid on it much longer.

Erin Dole everybody, ENN…color commentator.
Back after this.


(in style of high energy thrill ride commerical)

It may be a classic but it’s the attraction that set the standard for all others. With its near constant high-speed turns, variable elevation changes, sometimes as much as 15 feet in two seconds flat. And the best part is it’s a duel, side-by-side!

But no matter which one you get, it’s 100% pure thrill!

You could  lose your hat, you could lose your nerve, you could even lose your lunch! But whatever you do don’t lose your magic feather!

Dumbo the Flying Elephant! Now flying in a park near you.

(Disclaimer style) Dueling option only available at the Walt Disney World resort.


Welcome back to ENN, the Ears News Network.
Several Disney blogs are reporting the appearance of new models of the ECV, electronic conveyance vehicle, which guests needing assistance can use to navigate the parks. The vehicles really improve the quality of the park experience for those who need it, and are an important service.

The new models are reportedly easier to operate and more intuitive in their design.  However, some guests have noticed that the speed of the ECV has dramatically increased.  And,  that there has been a corresponding increase in noise for the normally quiet vehicles.

When asked about the increased speed and noise, a Disney spokesperson admitted that as part of a sustainable responsible resource usage initiative, the new ECV’s were recycled versions of the cars previously employed by the now shuttered Richard Petty Driving Experience.
Talk about a Fast Pass!

Now the Disney Parks are a prime location for those who are saying “I do”. But weddings there are not for the faint of budget, as even the smallest official affair can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  But what if you could quickly and quietly have your ceremony in the parks…without directly involving Disney.  Adam L. Brinklow, a writer with San Francisco Magazine, reported that earlier this month, a couple did just that in the Magic Kingdom in Disneyland in Anaheim, California.
Lex Emmanuel and Emily Rose of Oakland, California, along with 20 plus of their party guests, filed into the Enchanted Tiki Room and managed to pull off the entire ceremony within the four minute period of time between when the doors open and the show starts. Mr. Brinklow, who also happened to be the best man, reported that the vows were  “short and sweet” and the whole thing was actually over in 90 seconds.
No real fuss ever came about from this unauthorized act, but some guests did report on Twitter seeing a newlywed couple roaming the parks.  What made them so sure they were married? Well, there was a sign the groomsmen managed to slip on the back of the groom as he exited the Enchanted Tiki Room The sign simply read….”Under New Management”
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Until next time, I’m your host, Parker Byrd, saying thanks for listening to the Ears News Network, the mistrusted name in Disney news. Goodbye everybody.

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