First American Adventure Removes Flag, Now Changes Show!

American Adventure, EPCOT

American Adventure attaction at EPCOT. (© Disney)

Earlier this month, and following the lead of several businesses across the nation, Disney removed a confederate flag from a display of American related flags. The display hangs above the hallways leading into the theater at the American Adventure Attraction in EPCOT at the Walt Disney World Resort. Now, it looks as though they have modified the Civil War sequence in the show as well.

While the confederate flag has always been controversial for some, it received renewed backlash in light of the horrific shootings that took place in June in Charleston, South Carolina. This backlash was a result of a Facebook picture emerging showing the shooter holding the Confederate Battle Flag.

The flag which hung at American Adventure was not the same flag. It was instead the last official flag of the Confederate States of America, although the confederate battle flag did appear in a quadrant of that flag.

Reactions to the removal by Disney have been mixed.  Loretta Walsh, a high school history teacher from Amory, Mississippi said “While I am sensitive to the current wave of public opinion, I find it highly disappointing and disturbing that Disney would take this step.  The American Adventure is supposed to be an attraction that takes our history seriously, good and bad. I know some argue that the Confederate Flag was technically that of a foreign country, since the South seceded. But those southerners were Americans before the war and Americans once again following the war. It is without a doubt part of the fabric of American History.”

But Pamela Wester, a university professor from Amsterdam, NY disagrees. She says “I’m glad its gone!  It’s offensive!  It’s disgusting! It has no business being part of an historical presentation. We can’t progress as an enlightened people until we have completely erased the darker moments of our past. Absolutely no good can come from teaching our children about it!”

And it hasn’t ended there. Several park guests have reported that in the American Adventure presentation, the “Two Brothers” segment, a touching tribute to how the Civil War tore families apart, has been replaced with a tribute to  the two brothers, Walt and Roy Disney. In fact, the lyrics to that iconic song have reportedly been changed to:

Two Brothers named Disney,
Two Brothers named Disney,
Two Brothers named Disney,
One kept the books one drew Mickey.

Michael Rogate,  a spokesperson with the Parks and Resorts Division of Disney, when asked why Disney would remove the Civil War segment from essentially a historical presentation, replied “Civil War? What Civil War?”

This story originally appeared in Episode 5 of  the satirical Disney News podcast, “Guest Room” on the Ears News Network (

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