Disney Considers Radical Admission Procedure Changes in Ticket Tax Battle

Main Street USA, Disneyland

Main Street USA, Disneyland. (Copyright Disney)

Over in California, the Orange County Register is reporting that Disney is trying to entice the city of Anaheim, where the Disneyland Resort is  located, to continue their current exemption of tax on admission tickets to the theme park. Disney is promising a $1 billion  investment to their California parks between 2017 and 2024, a move believed to create thousands of additional jobs in the area.

Disney’s current exemption was put into place in 1996 as part of a deal with the city for assistance in building the California Adventure theme park. It was a 20 year deal and is set to expire in June of 2016. Disney is requesting the exemption be extended for another 30 years. The Anaheim City council is reportedly split on the issue, with Mayor Tom Tait opposed to the plan, two members in support of the exemption, and two still undecided.

Currently none of Disney’s parks have a tax on park admission tickets, a position they seem keen on maintaining. To that end, rumors have it that should Anaheim vote to impose a tax on admission, Disney will take extreme measures by reversing the admission procedures.  Borrowing from a model being used effectively by the state of NJ, Disneyland Parks would be absolutely free to enter,  but cost you an arm and a leg to leave.

As one unnamed Disney Executive put it,  “Hey, they want to tax admission. but they said nothing about egression”.

This story originally appeared in Episode 4 of  the satirical Disney News podcast, “Guest Room” on the Ears News Network (http://www.EarsNews.net).


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