Peter Pan’s Flight to Add a Rough Start

Rendering of Peter Pan teaching Darling children how to fly.

Artist rendering of changes to the Peter Pan’s Flight attraction at Disneyland (Artists Rendering/Walt Disney Imagineering)

This article originally appeared in the June 14th episode of the satirical Disney news podcast, “Guest Room on the Ears News Network”. (Listen to podcast)

Peter Pan’s Flight at the Magic Kingdom in Disneyland is undergoing a refurbishment.  The ride which was an opening day attraction for Disneyland is a dark ride that takes guests through the story line of Peter Pan.  This renovation is supposed to include a revamped nursery scene and new special effects.

But rumor also has it that there have been some slight adjustments to the ride vehicles themselves allowing a little deviance from the normal track. This is to allow the ride to recreate some of the feel of the Darling kids first attempt to fly, when they ultimately tumbled due to Peter Pan forgetting one key ingredient, Pixie Dust.  The ride vehicles will simulate the effects in a series of quick short starts. First the car will start to the left and then back to the other side and repeat.

Those subject to motion sickness need not worry however, as this scene is brief and the ride will return to is normal smooth motion immediately following the second start to the right.

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