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Neighborhood Stage Productions is currently producing the following entities for ourselves and for our clients.

Voice Over Match Podcast

Hosted ByChris Laning

Bridging the gap between up and coming voice over talent and the hard working producers pushing out commercial content.This podcast strives to increase the quality of auditions producers receive, and increase the number of jobs the voice over artist lands by:Having producers tell in their own words what they look for in an auditionAllowing producers to give some "dos and don'ts" for your auditionAllowing voice over professionals to ask those questions they always wished they could ask the producers.Allowing voice over professionals to briefly showcase themselves.Watch, listen, and join the conversation!is

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Who We Are

Neighborhood Stage Productions, LLC (NSP) was founded in 2007 to support “Your Neighborhood Stage”, a national podcast on Community Theatre that ran from 2006 to 2009 (over 100 episodes). 

Since 2009, we branched out to providing podcasting services for several professional podcasts.  Services include consultation on format and the recording process, as well as podcast editing and posting.

We have also created several of our own short run podcasts.  These have included radio dramas, news satires, and events podcasts.

Recently, we have branched out into YouTube videos, creating several series on topics including faith, positivity, motivation, and entrepreneurship. We look forward to exanding our work in this emerging field.

But we are, as always, still dedicated to helping you achieve those creative dream’s you have!  Tell us  your heart’s wish and we may just be able to help you make it a reality!

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