This news item originally appeared on Episode 21 of the Disney news SATIRE podcast, “Guest Room” on the Ears News Network with Parker Byrd and Erin Dole.


Minnie Vans © Disney

ERIN: Yet another announcement coming out of D23 was the announcement of Disney’s new Minnie Van service coming to the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando.. Of course that is Minnie spelled M-i-n-n-i-e!

This ride-sharing like service seeks to mimic the services many have come to expect from service providers like Lyft and Uber. Guests will use an app to schedule a pick up that will take them to various places around the resort. The specially decorated vehicles will be driven by Disney employees . The service is expected to be in full operation later this month.

The promotional pictures showed Disney’s fleet of Minnie vans all bearing Minnie’s signature red with white spots scheme. Now that I think of it, it kind of takes Disneybounding to a whole new level!