Innoventions East Now in Color

Colortopia at Innoventions East in EPCOT. ©Disney

Colortopia at Innoventions East in EPCOT. ©Disney

On Episode 6 of Guest Room on the Ears News Network, we told you about a new sponsored exhibit that was coming to the Innoventions East area of the Future World section of EPCOT in the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. The exhibit, known as “Colortopia” and sponsored by Glidden paints, made its official debut on November 13th.  The interactive exhibit is divided into three zones.

“The Power of Color Theater”  entertains guests with a short film talking about the psychology behind color.

“The Color Lab” features both an interactive game called Color Mix ‘n Match which will let guests actually invent their very own color and  an interactive display called “Spinning Spectrums” designed to teach guests about persistence of vision.

The third area is called “Color Our World” which will feature a “magic paintbrush” that will allow guests to paint scenes using the colors they choose.  A special Colortopia app will let them take that creation home.  There is even an interactive website to go along with the exhibit as well.

Now early reactions to the exhibit have been mixed with some guests finding the whole spread delightfully entertaining with shades of old school EPCOT blended in.
Others however say it pales in comparison to previous exhibits and at its base seems a poor primer into color with a presentation that seems canned. Which just goes to show that creating a consistent branded educational experience isn’t always black and white and that it can be difficult to find success when operating in this spectrum.

This article originally appeared on Episode 13 of the Disney news satire podcast, “Guest Room” on the Ears News Network.

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