“Guest Room” Episode 13: Innoventions Now in Color, A New Holiday Party Being Tested, New Buns,Two Cruises, and Limited Immortality

In this episode of “Guest Room” on ENN, the Ears News Network, we talk about the new Colortopia exhibit at Innoventions in EPCOT and a new holiday party being tested. We also talk about a new store in Disney Springs and what they offer.  Then we go “cruising” as we discuss the Christmas overlay to the Jungle Cruise and new details about the upcoming Na’vi River Journey at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We end things with a great cast member story from the Magic Kingdom.

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Innoventions Now in Color, A New Holiday Party Being Tested, New Buns,Two Cruises, and Limited Immortality.

Hello and welcome to the November 15th edition of “Guest Room” on ENN, the Ears News Network, bringing you Disney news you won’t believe…..and probably shouldn’t. I’m Parker Byrd.


And I’m Erin Dole.

On Episode 6 of Guest Room on the Ears News Network, we told you about a new sponsored exhibit that was coming to the Innoventions East area of the Future World section of EPCOT in the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. The exhibit, known as “Colortopia” and sponsored by Glidden paints, made its official debut on November 13th. The interactive exhibit is divided into three zones.

“The Power of Color Theater” entertains guests with a short film talking about the psychology behind color.

“The Color Lab” features both an interactive game called Color Mix ‘n Match which will let guests actually invent their very own color and an interactive display called “Spinning Spectrums” designed to teach guests about persistence of vision.

The third area is called “Color Our World” which will feature a “magic paintbrush” that will allow guests to paint scenes using the colors they choose. A special Colortopia app will let them take that creation home. There is even an interactive website to go along with the exhibit as well.

Now early reactions to the exhibit have been mixed with some guests finding the whole spread delightfully entertaining with shades of old school EPCOT blended in.

Others however say it pales in comparison to previous exhibits and at its base seems a poor primer into color with a presentation that seems canned. Which just goes to show that creating a consistent branded educational experience isn’t always black and white and that it can be difficult to find success when operating in this spectrum.

On November 8th, the first Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party of 2015 was held, a mere week after the last Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party of 2015. The popular hard ticketed event surrounds guests in the magic of the holidays with sweet treats, performances of the Christmas parade, and snow on Main Street.

But despite its popularity, some fans have complained over the years that they feel a little left out as religious or cultural backgrounds prevent them from attending a “Christmas” event. Disney has apparently been listening and is testing a new party this season, one that allows guests to celebrate the one fall holiday universally accepted by all.

On November 27th, and for one day only, the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World will be closed for a special hard ticketed event: Mickey’s Very Very Wild and Crazy Black Friday Fiesta.

Festivities will include a virtual obstacle course of kiosks down Main St., ridiculously low priced deals on Disney merchandise and a parade featuring crowds of shoppers dancing and acting out the popular seasonal hit, Dan Fogelberg’s “Auld Lang Syne”.

Food will be an important part of the party as well. A temporary food court will be erected in the Hub area featuring Black Friday favorites, like hot dogs and a can of soda, bad coffee, Chick-Fil-A, slices of Sbarro pizza. and variations on turkey leftovers.

But the real gem of the event will be character meet and greets exclusive to the party. Rare characters making an appearance include Johnnie Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet from the “Make Mine Music” Disney short anthology, Dodger and Sykes from “Oliver and Company” , Scrooge McDuck and Flintheart Globgold from Duck Tales, and a very special first time ever appearance by “Store Manager” Mickey.

Now, if you are lucky enough to score tickets to this event you want to be there when the gate opens at 6 AM because in the true spirit of the holiday the meet and greets, the food and the special discounts will all be gone by 6:05.

A new store recently opened at the Disney Springs Marketplace in the Walt Disney World Resort featuring “fine quality goods for the discerning gentleman”.

Known as Twenty Eight & Main, the store features Disney apparel and accessories targeted to men. This include things ranging from polos and t-shirts, uh…I mean…athletic and casual wear, to scarves, hats, ties, and even briefcases.

But the signature piece to the Twenty Eight and Main collection is the highly coveted, Mickey shaped, man bun.

Back after this.

(Fauxmercial begins)

For the last several years Disney fans have enjoyed the aesthetics and convenience of the Magic band. These designer ID bracelets allow you to enter the parks, get fast passes, check in for fast passes, open your hotel room door and even purchase food and souvenirs.

But it’s not all sunshine and Dole Whips. Traditional magic bands can be cumbersome, make your wrist all sweaty, and even break! Not to mention, take them off and they’re easy to lose! There has got to be a better way!

But What? Tattooing a barcode to your wrist seems a little unappealing, And planting an RFID chip in the hand seems a wee bit invasive. Well, now there is a better way.

Introducing the Derma Magic Band, a new technological advance from the dreamers and doers at ??? Labs.

Derma magic band is a unique, electromagnetic sensitive ink that you can apply directly onto your skin. It stores information just like a real magic band and can be used at all the same touch points.

Since the information is stored electromagnetically you can print it in any design! You could choose Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy, Pluto or any of 147 Disney licensed characters. Or choose from famous Park icons or attractions or resorts or movies or, well, anything. The possibilities are limitless!

Best of all, you don’t even have to put it on your wrist! You could put it on discrete locations like the ankle or underarm. Or show your Disney pride in conspicuous locations like the hand or the face. Heck. You could even put it on the backside….of your neck.

Derma Magic Band comes in every color imaginable, except purple, and is conveniently available wherever ink is slinged.

Try Derma Magic Band risk free for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied we will return your money and you can keep your Derma Magic Band as our gift to you.

So throw those old magic bands away, and get Derma Magic Band today!

(Fauxmercial ends)


Welcome back to ENN, the Ears News Network.

The holiday overlay to the Jungle Cruise, making it the Jingle Jungle Cruise has already taken place and guests are experiencing what has become yet another popular annual event. The holiday overlay appears in the Magic Kingdoms at both the Walt Disney World and Disneyland resorts.

Guests will notice holiday decorations, placed by the Skippers all throughout the rivers. The Skippers have even changed up their narrations to include some seasonal banter as well.

But the piece de resistance is found near the end of the ride as an appearance is made by Trader Santa who comes bearing gifts: two mistletoes for one of yours.
Come to think of it…that’s a lot cheaper price than he usually charges.


And on a similar track…….at the D23 Expo in Japan Disney released more details about the upcoming Na’vi River Journey, which is part of the new Pandora – The World of AVATAR section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

According to a press release from Disney:

“The adventure begins as guests set out in canoes and venture down a mysterious, sacred river hidden within the bioluminescent rainforest. The full beauty of Pandora reveals itself as the canoes pass by exotic glowing plants and amazing creatures. The journey culminates in an encounter with a Na’vi shaman, who has a deep connection to the life force of Pandora and sends positive energy out into the forest through her music.”

Though the press release fails to mention it, the exit of the ride is rumored to contain a Na’vi salesman offering you two shrunken avatars for one of yours….

Wait! The same joke? Are you kidding me?


Apparently our writers were lazy this week. But look at it this way Erin, when it comes to the Na’vi River Journey, at least the guests won’t be in da Nile.


Really Parker?



Barney Steger, a Disneyland haunted mansion Butler, recently had a humorous encounter with a guest. While ushering guests into the stretching room he instructed them all to “drag their wretched bodies to the dead center of the room”. While most of the guest complied, Barney noticed a teenage girl defiantly standing by one of the hidden doors to the room. Barney positioned himself next to her, stared her fiercely in the eyes and In his menacing tone repeated the command. “Drag your wretched body to the dead center of the room!”

The girl didn’t even flinch, held Barney’s gaze, and confidently replied back “Sorry, but no. I am not one of your foolish mortals! I am immortal and plan to live forever.”

Unfazed by her response, Barney simply asked her “And what if you find out you’re not immortal?”

The girl, clearly stunned by the thought and quickly flushing in extreme embarrassment stammered out “oh! I would just die!”

And that’s all for this edition of ENN’s “Guest Room”. If you would like to comment on this episode or would like to send along a news story for us to look into drop us an email at guestroom@earsnews.net.

You can listen to this and future episodes by finding us in the iTunes store and now on Stitcher, just search on Ears News Network. Details can be found on the “How to Listen” page at EarsNews.net. There you can find links to our Facebook page and Twitter account as well.

So until next time, for my co-host Erin Dole and me, Parker Byrd, thanks for listening to the Ears News Network, the mistrusted name in Disney news. Goodbye everybody.

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