“Mickey’s Not So Scary…” Cast Member in Hot Water!

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. ©Disney

Walt Disney World Cast Member Adrian Raab from Clermont, FL, unexpectedly found himself in a lot of trouble following an incident during his shift at the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party on October 22nd.  

Adrian was passing out candy to guests.  Now being a stickler for quality, if Adrian spotted a piece of candy that was oddly shaped, or not quite tightly wrapped, he would remove it from the candy barrel and put it into a well worn out reusable sack he kept on the ground near him.

The guests that night had an incredible collective sweet tooth, and soon Adrian’s barrel was beginning to run out of candy.  Much to his relief, he soon spotted his supervisor coming toward him with a fresh supply.  

Upon arrival, his supervisor asked him where his “non-show worthy candy” was.  Adrian gestured behind him and said “It’s in the old bag”, an unfortunate choice words. Because unbeknownst to Adrian, but clearly seen by his Supervisor, the sack of misfit sweets, had just been emptied by a grandmother with a clear case of the munchies.  

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